Clevere Beleuchtungslösungen
für Industrie und Landwirtschaft.


Universeller Gruppendimmer für Beleuchtung

  • New, improved hardware
  • Phase cut-off brightness controller for 230VAC (MOSFET transistor) 
  • Intelligent microprocessor technology
  • Adjustable for different load types >> LED economy lamp, compact economy lamp or incandescent lamp <<
  • Brightness control via 0-10V signal
  • Several dimmers can be connected in parallel for higher load quantities
  • Alarm message via LED display >> overtemperature - overload - short circuit <<
  • Soft start activation
  • MIN / MAX limit values ​​variably adjustable
  • Designed for installation on top has rails
  • dims the following lamps
    • Incandescent and halogen lamps
    • LV halogen lamps with toroidal transformer
    • LV halogen lamps with electron. transformer
    • Dimmable CFL compact fluorescent lamps
    • Dimmable LED or CCFL energy saving lamps
  • Permissible number of dimmable lamps (230V / 50Hz) per device:
    • 160 pcs.XENA Pro 7W
    • 35 pcs incandescent lamps 40W
    • 100 CCFL cold cathode energy-saving lamp 11W


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