Experts in poultry lighting


Dusk and Dawn Simulator

  • Simulation of dawns and sunsets with artificial light
  • Bring natural lighting scenarios in breeding aviaries
  • Microprocessor controlled electronics
  • Analog output for control of more than 200 dimmable ballast lamps (1-10V interface) or dimmer control units (0-10V)
  • Simple one-button programming ("turn and press")
  • Integrated 24-hour clock with red 4 digit display
  • An alternative connected external clock or computer is also possible
  • 2 timer switching times per day possible
  • Audible confirmation when programming
  • Master relays (8 amp) for lighting ON / OFF 
  • Programmable auxiliary relay for other electric consumers
  • 8 signal indicator lamps in two-color LED technology
  • Twilight time adjustable up to 180min
  • MIN / MAX values ??separately programmable from 0-100%
  • MAN-/AUTO-Mode switchable
  • Displays error code messages to protect against incorrect operation
  • Data Backup by integrated batteries


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